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In industries, most of the electricity consumption is to run and operate Electric Motors however users normally don’t pay enough attention to it for simply an electric motor is a very small part in a plant but little that they know while each motor may not consume an enormous amount of energy, collectively, motors are responsible for two-thirds of electricity use in industry and significant savings can be made by selecting the right motor.

High efficiency motors can give significant cost savings if used in the right applications. Compared to a standard motor, a high efficiency model can be up to 3% more efficient. As well as saving energy costs, high efficiency motors also save on operating costs by bringing better reliability, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. Lower losses give the motor a better tolerance to thermal stresses, an improved ability to handle overload conditions, better resistance to abnormal operating conditions, and higher tolerance to inconsistent and noisy voltage and current wave shapes.

Based on these essential technologies we have developed a new generation of standard motors.

The new IE2 engine (High Efficiency) which allows high energy savings and contributes to environmental protection. The modular concept also offers a high degree of flexibility: each motor is based on a uniformed concept that applies to all world markets.

IEC Motors - summary of strengths points:

More efficiency

IE1 and IE2 motors use the same casing. Turning to the class of higher efficiency, the machine should not be restored but you can simply change the engine with the relative highest efficiency class equivalent. It saves cost and time. In fact, IE2 motors can achieve significant energy savings, because their power dissipation is less than 40% respect IE1 motors.

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Explosion Proof Motors

Flameproof motors are used where safety against explosions and fires caused by gases, dust and liquids must be guaranteed.

The devices to be used in potentially explosive areas are subdivided into GROUPS:

A)GROUP I: devices used in mines

B)GROUP II: devices for installations in other places

Our motors are in category GROUP II ( II 2 G ).


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