Oil-Free Compressor Packages


Kobelco Compressor Packages are well suited for continues operation by having Automatic changeover system between 2 Compressors working as duty and standby.

Some advantages of these packages are as follows:

A) Reliability of oil-free Air Supply in case of one compressor is tripped.

B) Oil-Free Air Quality as per as ISO 8573 Class 0 to remove all particles of Humidity from air through the use of Purification systems.

C) Shared cooling system (either Air or Water cooled depending on conditions) for   components to reduce the power & maintain low cost.

D) Main Control Panel to monitor the status of each compressor locally or remotely.

E) Customizable, packages can be designed to fit in small spaces or to be portable     And  mobile.  

Our after sales service team is always available to provide support for  our packages both in technical and mechanical aspects.

Also these packages can be equipped with Nitrogen Generator Modules to produce Nitrogen from the compressed air. 

Kobelco air compressor series         

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Kobelco screw compressor

Standard Compressor


A different solution for each industry as per their requirement and application .fallowing is most common type compressor those we offering customers:


1)Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Since the introduction of rotary type air compressors (mainly Twin Screw type) due to their high range of capacity they have become the most used compressors in all industries ranging from Medical to Oil and Gas industries .they reliable for long-term operation.



2)Breathing Air Compressor



We have different models of Breathing Air Compressor which are suitable for various applications such as firefighting, scuba diving, paintball, military, offshore, industrial and medical. They are a reliable compressor for ultra-pure breathing compressed air when the safety measure is important to the customer and looking for a product which is complied with all standard and certificates. These high-pressure compressors can be adjusted for supplying different pressure from 200 to 330 bar with ranges of the delivery rate from 80 to 310 liter/min.What makes this compressor to stand out in comparing with another brand like BAUER or MAKO, is more efficiency, less weight, less RPM and more life cycle.


Breathing Air compressor series datasheet



3)Centrifugal Air Compressors:

whenever the high amount of compressed air is required, Centrifugal Air Compressor comes into play. Their features such as high delivery and oil-free operation make them the best option for nitrogen generation or where high amount air/gas is required.

We offer our compressor both in line with international standards such as API Standard and in a customized mode as per as customers’ requirements and their specifications.

One Year Guarantee and Free Service are offered for all our compressors. 

Centrifugal Compressor datasheet 




centrifugal compressor
high pressure breathing compressor
scuba diving compressor
turbo compressor

SCADA / HMI software


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Boiler/Burner Management System



Comprehensive know-how in optimization of combustion plants, broad installation base, because most of the well-known European combustion manufacturers use LAMTEC devices for control, monitoring, and regulation of modern, low-emission burners, close cooperation with our customers and research facilities to top the full potential in the field of combustion technology. Thus we are able to enhance efficiency, save resources and reduce pollution. High flexibility, innovative strength and the ability to resolve problems characterize LAMTEC as a typical medium-sized enterprise in below fields.

1)      Automatic Burner control system

2)      Electronic Fuel/Air-Ratio Control

3)      Volume flow-differential pressure transducer

4)      Flame detector systems

5)      Combustion optimization

6)      O2-Measurement

7)      O2/CO – control

8)      Operation & alarm indicator

9)      Visio control


LAMTEC products literature »

burner managment system
flame scanner

Oxygen/Hydrogen Generator



The design of efficient systems for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, driven by sunlight is among the most important challenges facing science today and its potentiality as a clean, sustainable fuel has increased its usage mainly in Oil Refineries, Ammonia Production plants, Methanol Production plants.

We offer compact Electrolysers units with high efficient production of hydrogen and oxygen gases under pressure with the maximum energy efficiency.

Pressurized Alkaline Water Electrolysers are simple and reliable machines that produce hydrogen and oxygen under pressure by water electrolysis, due to an electric current being passed through the water, therefore with zero pollutant emissions and with high purity gas quality.

Pressurized Alkaline Water Electrolysers are divided in two main sections:

- The process unit
- The power supply unit.


The process unit contains all equipment, piping and field instruments necessary for carrying out the water electrolysis process. The system monitoring and control, based on a programmable logic controller (PLC), is integrated with the power supply unit. The units are completely assembled and tested before delivery, complying with the highest quality standard.

In order to better understand the process equipment functionality, please refer to the diagrams below.


The cell stack

The cell stack item EM is the heart of the process. It is made by stacking in series a certain number of bipolar electrolytic cells of patented design, trade mark VOLTIANA®.

Hydrogen and oxygen are generated inside the cells by the action of a direct current (DC) flow, which splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen with hydrogen volume being twice the oxygen.

Water splitting requires power (theoretically about 3.55 kWh/Nm3 of generated hydrogen), which is supplied by the DC power flow 


Electrolyte and gas handling

Hydrogen and oxygen generated in the cell stack exit by entraining some electrolyte up to the separating vessels, wherein the gas phase separates out from the liquid phase, which is returned back to the cell stack.

The two gases are filtered, and cross final droplets separators before being delivered from the unit. Hydrogen is routed through a back-pressure regulator; oxygen is usually vented to the atmosphere.

The excess heat released by the process is removed by a closed loop of cooling water, exchanging heat with the electrolyte, and finally cooled an air radiator.


Water feed

Demineralized water is manually loaded, when necessary, in the tank WT, having sufficient volume to allow a reasonable operating autonomy. The pump WP transfers automatically water into the electrolyte system, when required by the electrolysis process. 

Hydrogen generator datasheet »



hydrogen generator
hydrogen generator
hydrogen generator


iso 9001 certification

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