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Our Vacuum systems has been designed to be able to vacuum different types of solid, liquid and gas particles simultaneously . At the heart of the unit exists a Liquid Ring Pump which enables our vacuum package to achieve a maximum vacuum of 24”HG. Another unique feature of our system is that, not only we can create high vacuums but also can discharge the vacuumed items (gas or liquid) with a discharge pressure of 3-4 barg.

Some of the advantages of our package are:

A)There are no limitations in terms of the vacuum materials; they could be vapors, solids, gas or mixture of any of those.

B)By using Liquid Seal, compression process will happen in an almost Isothermal Compression (Quasi) which reduces energy consumption. This advantage will become greater with the increase of pressure ratio.

C)The only lubricant involved in the package is water which is used both as sealant and as mechanical lubricant. The lack of oil removes oil contamination and also reduces the cost of maintenance of the package.

D)The design of the package eliminates direct contact of solid materials with impeller however the suction/compression chamber has been designed in a way that if any sold materials enters the chamber it will simply be discharge without jamming the pump.

E)High suction capacity starting from 65m3/h to 4,000m3/h with maximum vacuum pressure of 24”HG.

F)The pumps can operate as a compressor with a discharge pressure of 3-4barg which is very useful in pneumatic conveying systems.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and health sectors and they can be installed in a large variety of applications such as:

   A)Pneumatic Conveying System

   B)Pneumatic Waste Management System

   C)Portable Vacuum/Excavation Packages

    D)Medical Vacuum System


liquid ring vacuum system
vacuum unit
vacuum pump


Its basic principle is to convey the product from a feed or supply source into a delivery point suspended in a relatively uniform stream. This means there is no contact with any surface or moving parts of the equipment.

The application of air pressure supplied via the vacuum pump creates a high enough air velocity and low enough solids to air ratio to move the product in this manner.

It is an effective solution for the collection of spill products in offshore environments.

The system is installed as a centralized suction unit that uses a fixed pipe system to transport products such as mud, spilled oil and contaminants.

 The fully automatic system is filled and emptied by a vacuum pump, which transports the media to the collector tank and on to a skimmer tank or container. As the product is not required to pass through the pump, very large particles and difficult media can be readily transported.

When the pump is started, a vacuum is created in the collector tank and throughout the platform pipe system. This allows for the removal of waste from any station around the platform.

 When the tank is full, the vacuum pump is used as a compressor to empty it quickly.


pneumatic conveying system
pneumatic conveying system


This package is best suitable for continues outdoor usage in hot and humid weathers. The package depending on its application can be installed in a 10feet container or be mounted on 2 wheel trailer. It can also be modified to run with diesel engine which would make the package suitable for place where access to electricity is limited or not available at all such as Sand Deserts, Offshore in a ship or Oil & Gas Platforms.

The package can act as an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in ships or platforms or as an Excavation unit due to it being able to suck all kinds of materials such as mud, sludge or sand and stone.


The package can be used in industries such as:

Petrochemical Plants

Food Industries

Cement Factories

Pipe line Installations

Offshore vacuum application

Marine Application


offshore vacuum unit
offshore vacuum unit
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