Vacuum and Compressed Air Piping

In comparing with another type of material such copper and G.I, Aluminum piping is most convenient in installation and modification. They don't need any threading or welding while they are 100% leakage free.
One of the advantages of aluminum pipes for compressed air systems is they never corrosion or rust and last longer.Also, because of less internal friction, they can help to reduce energy cost yearly between 10-20 %.

Following are five advantages of aluminum piping in compare with other material :

1. Lowering Installation Costs.

2. Minimizing System Leakage.

3. Aluminum Piping Doesn’t Corrode.

4. Aluminum Outperforms the Copper Alternative.

5. PVC and Stainless Steel Present Obstacles in Cost and Durability.

Compressed Air aluminum piping datasheet

compressed air piping


Here at Sigma we have the capability to design & supply Control Panels to control different sequences for different applications such as pump, compressor & Generator packages.

The Panels are built and designed based on customer’s requirements & specifications as well as protection levels.

Our relay logic / PLC Panels can have embedded HMI to display the status of process to provide easier control and operation over its functions.

Most of the products that we use in our panel are from very well-known companies such as Phoenix, Schneider, Siemens, Delta and Advantech.

control panel

Industrial Instrumentation


During our many years of experiencing with rotary equipments, we have been able to establish a strong relation with different sources of  instruments such as:

-Pressure Indicators



-Pneumatic Accessories

-Dew Point Analyzer for different applications and conditions.

-Fitings and Tubing for instrumnts

-Control valves

All the measuring items will be provided with valid calibration certificate with  1 year

warranty .


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pressure guage
pressure transmitter
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