With a long time Experience in all fields of alignment, including multi shaft (multi Bundle) compressors, our Technicians can perform the best alignment procedure in the least amount of time and under worst conditions with available calibrated tools which are versatile and adaptable for different types of shafts alignment as well as able to minimize the mistakes.

For different types of rotary equipment a different fixture is required and this is our technician’s expertise to quickly prepare them even for conventional methods.


Vibration Criteria

Vibration Measurement and vibration analysis are very important parameters for preventative Maintenance and reducing the machines' Down-time as well as maintenance cost .

We can both offer our services to clients by emergency attendance and rectify the vibration or noise problems on the equipment or to sign contracts for routine Data collections from rotary equipment and analyzing the figures along continuous monitoring of the system to issue the correct work order for critical machines.

We are also capable of producing specifications for vibration acceptance limits for rotating machinery into  ''Good'', 'Satisfactory' or ‘Unsatisfactory' classifications in accordance with Standards and issue work-orders accordingly to extend rotary equipment’s life .


Some of our experiments are as follows:

1-Project Name:                Qatar new Airport                 

Contractor:                       CAT Group                                  Location:                           Fujairah port

Work Offered by:              SPX  -  KSA branch                   

Date:                                11/July/ 12                         


2-Client Name:                  GPS Chemoil /Fujairah-UAE

Location:                           Fujairah port

Work Offered by:              SPX   -  Plenty Pumps

Da Date:                          20/June/ 12


3-Project Name:                Sika Factory                            

Location:                           DIP, Dubai-UAE                         

Work Offered by:              SPX  -                                          

Date:                                 21/May/ 11                               


4-Client Name:                 Safaniah Refinery /Damam

Location:                          Damam, Safaniah

Work Offered by:             SPX   -  Bran & Leubbe

Date:                               27/April/ 10




iso 9001 certification

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