Screw Gas Compressor Package



Our Screw Gas Compressors have been designed with flow capacity up to 2,500 m3/h for different application and industries such as Refrigeration, Natural Gas and Refineries.

Depending on the application the unit will use either Screw or Centrifugal type rotors with discharge pressure of  (3-15) barg.

Our turnkey units can handle a big range of gases such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas and other hydrocarbons in indoor, outdoor or explosive areas (ATEX).


Main Application Ranges :

Natural gas compression on the piping transport network

- Natural gas compression for process installations

- Well gas recovery, compression and transport

- Natural gas supply systems (booster) for gas turbine engines

- Compression of gases CO2 , N2 or gases compounds

- Gas compressor for Dry Methane


 High Pressure & Booster Compressors

Also in order to meet most of the market requests, we offer a series of boosters for compressing gases such as NITROGEN, CO2, LPG and HYDROGEN with maximum discharge pressures of 45 barg.

The units come in both Piston & Screw type depending on the application. Our oil free high pressure compressors with ISO-8573-1, Class 0 approval are very well suited for PET & Plastic industries.


Screw Gas Compressor datasheet

screw gas compressor
screw gas compressor package
booster compressor

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