In order to approach the milestones of any projects in fields of:


    1) Oil and gas

    2) Marine

    3) Petrochemical

    4) Equipments

    5) Instruments / Panels

    6) Heavy machineries


And to catch up the time-lines of project schedule constant monitoring and expediting is required. Our experienced inspection team will make sure that the project follows the time schedule and will notify the end user of any delay. We can offer our Inspection/Expending services in following sectors:


    - Welding / Painting Inspection

    - Third party inspector

    - Dimensional (Linear/Geometrical) Inspection

    - Vendor certificate inspection

    - Expedition as per approved ITP & time schedule

    - Inspection of the Pumps / Compressors or vessels as per confirmed standards and Drawings

    - Hydro test

    - QA/QC services

    - Construction Inspection

    - Dimensional (Linear/Geometrical) Inspection

    - FAT or SAT Test & Package  inspection

    - WPS / Welder qualification / checking PQR documents / checking NDT reports

     - Time schedule compensation due to postpones and delays (offering solutions for compensation)

    - Packing inspection


In this way we normally use the software such as MS. Project & Primavera as well as all approved Drawings, ITP, and Calculations


Sample completed Jobs :


Project Name:                Gas Filter for Platform on the Gas field              

  Manufacturing Yard:         Quality International  (Ras-alkhaimeh)                             

  Work Offered by:              SPX   - Plenty                                      

  Date:                                  20 / Mar / 11

  Client:                                ADMA-OPCO

  Contractor                         NPCC Abu Dhabi


Project Name:               Methanol Injection Package

  Manufacturing Yard:         Gemma’s (Dubai)

  Work Offered by:              SPX   - Plenty

  Date:                                  11 / Sept / 11

  Client:                                 ADMA-OPCO

  Contractor                          NPCC Abu Dhabi


Project Name:               Gas Filter Separator for Turkmenistan                                 

  Manufacturing Yard:         Tech international  (Sharjah)                    

  Work Offered by:              SPX   - Plenty                             

  Date:                                  04/Aug/ 11   

  Client:                                Petrofac



Project Name:                 Fuel injection / Metering Pump on a Marine

  Commissioning Location:     Dry Dock Dubai, on a ship

  Work Offered by:                 SPX- Bran & Leube  

  Date:                                     27/Sept/ 11

  Client:                                   ship owner



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